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LET'S DO SOMETHING GOOD TOGETHER!! #PORCHPORTRAITS Lovely people of Edinburgh, I hope everybody is safe and well during these uncertain times. I hope life will slowly get back to normal and we all will be able to embrace our families, friends and loved ones without fear. 💖 Over the past few months we all witnessed many bad and terrifying moments, however, today I would like to address and remember the good ones. The selfless acts of many who chose to help the others. I have been following the story of Goodtrees Neighbourhood Center for a while. Since the beginning of the lock-down they have been working around the clock and helping people in Edinburgh. Over the past couple of months they have recruited many volunteers who would cook and deliver food to families who found themselves struggling during a pandemic, provided help and support to everyone who needed it, organised a variety of online activities and made sure no one has been forgotten. Young heroes who could have been sitting comfortably at home and playing computer games, were out in the streets every day helping others. It is truly unbelievable how much good there is,and those guys are an amazing example of how kindness can change the world. This brings me to the other part of my post. Despite the lock-down restrictions being eased slowly, the fight is far from over. And here is the part where YOU CAN HELP!!! I have teamed up with the center and decided to offer my help with raising funds, so they can continue their amazing work. Over the next couple of weeks I will be offering a #doorstepportraits for the people in my local area. It will be a 10 minutes photo-shoot from a safe distance and everyone who books will get 3 beautifully edited, high resolution digital photographs, in their private online gallery (together with the printing rights). The suggested minimum donation is 20£ but if you are able to help more it will be greatly appreciated! Photo-shoots will take place outside of your homes ( at your front doors, through the window, in your front garden or on your street), with the long lens to ensure the safe distance between us. Despite the limit to what we could do over the past couple of months, life has not stopped. Many people suddenly had to work from home, had a chance to spend more precious time with their families, became teachers to their children, welcomed babies, got engaged, learned new skills... and I would like everyone to remember, be grateful and celebrate those good moments. For the photo-shoot - there is absolutely no limit to your creativity! You can dress up in your fanciest clothes, put your wedding dress on, decorate your house as if Christmas was tomorrow, do funny hairstyles, paint your faces, wear pyjamas, showcase skills you might have picked up during lock-down or put on matching outfits ! :) Let's make it fun!!! The donations will be accepted through the givey.com link and every penny will go directly to the Goodtrees Neighbourhood Center. The booking slots are available as of tomorrow and the photo-shoots are currently taking place around the EH17 postcode. There are approximately 10 slots available every day at the moment, on a first come, first served basis, starting as of Wednesday morning ( 17/06 ) , but if there is a demand I will add more the following week!💖 So Let's do it! Let's help the heroes of the Goodtrees Neighbourhood centre!! Spread the word, share this post, tag your friends and family and let everybody know!! For bookings please drop me a message through Facebook or an email at info@capturedbyvero.com mentioning your address and preferred hour for the photo-shoot. I will try my best to accommodate it. 💖 Thank you in advance for your help and support and I look forward to meeting you all soon! :) Vero x

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Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre (GTNC) is situated in an area of multi deprivation. GTNC neighbour 6 high-rise flats with a high transient...