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This year, the Parent Carer School Association for King Athelstan Primary School is putting together a 50%/50% boat team for the Dragon Boat racing event in Kingston. This is a fun day out for all with plenty for supporters and competitors alike.

We are so excited to be supporting the creation of a fun learning environment for the school's Key Stage 1 area. The plan is to redevelop the open space and add some great equipment to support the physical, mental and emotional development of the children as well as provide great opportunities for learning. You can find more details about the design in the PCSA news page here.

What is Dragon Boat Racing?

Dragon boating is a fun-filled, adrenaline pumping, water sports activity. Teams compete in Dragon Boats, which are large canoe-like vessels fitted with ornately carved dragon's heads and tails.

Crews of up to 16 people sit in pairs and paddle to compete in races over distances of around 250m. Each boat has a drummer beating time to keep the paddlers in unison, and a professional helmsperson in the stern to guide the boat.

Originating in ancient China, Dragon Boat Racing is now the fastest growing water sport in the world and a favourite among charities and corporations for its fundraising and team-building benefits.

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