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This is a crowdfund on behalf of Barney, Barney was brought in to us a couple of weeks ago. He was a stray who had been living on a street in Hunslet. The residents very kindly had been feeding him and got him neutered and chipped but no one was able to take him in. When he arrived it was clear he had a significant head tilt and that his right ear was bothering him. We made an appointment at the vets for him the next day. He had to be admitted and have his ear investigated under sedation. Unfortunately they found a mass at the base of his ear. Samples have been taken and a CT scan done confirming it is a polyp which needs draining and removing. Not only this but he also has an enlarged heart. It’s is not currently life threatening but will need to be monitored. Barney is probably middle aged and has spent most of his life without a home to call his own. Despite this he’s is the sweetest, most affectionate and trusting boy and we really want to do our best for him. Please can anyone help us to fund Barney’s care. He has only been here 2 weeks and has already cost several hundred pounds. If his ear requires a scan and surgery we could be looking at thousands. Leeds Feline Friends has already been good enough to lend us the money for his scan but the operation will cost a thousand more. Every £ raised will be gratefully received and go straight to the care of this loving baby, Thank you.


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