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Help us to reopen The Epsom Wells Community Centre

We are a newly formed charity who have won the opportunity to reopen and reimagine The Epsom Wells Community Centre. We need help to raise funds for our first stage of development and taking control of the site. We will be applying for grant funding, but we need help with start-up costs for legal, accounting and insurances.

Purpose Our primary focus is to provide a friendly community hub, that is the focal point for multigenerational groups to have the opportunity to form social bonds that bring happiness and strengthen their mental and physical wellbeing. A community hub that brings together work, entertainment and fitness opportunities, to an integrated and diverse population.

The Wells Centre - Mission We will fulfil our purpose by understanding our community’s lifestyles and needs, striking the right balance to grow a successful Community Centre. We will do this by making sure five things happen:

1. To create a thriving, self-sustaining community centre, through profitable partnerships, local resources, fundraising and business opportunities.

2. Working in partnership with specialist organisations and local groups to create a friendly space that promotes mental wellbeing, to help residents achieve personal growth and happiness.

3. Seek out education groups and experts to create a varied roadmap of learning opportunities for all ages across multiple subjects and activities.

4. Shape an eco-friendly Community Centre by making good purchase decisions, infrastructure changes and customer environmental engagement.

5. To lead the community in establishing The Wells Centre as a community resource for education, mental wellbeing and environmental protection.

The Wells Centre - Position The new Wells Centre will be an inclusive and supportive community centre for people of all ages, wanting a vibrant space where they are both comfortable and inspired. This unique and sustainable local hub will allow members to reenergise, improve their knowledge and form lasting bonds within their community and the natural world that surrounds it.

Please help us to make this dream a reality and help hundreds of community members to have a safe and welcoming place to visit.


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