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Make a Splash

On 29th September, a team of swimmers - who also happen to work at Children's Hospice South West in various capacities - will be swimming either 2km or 4km around the beautiful Lake Wimbleball in Exmoor. Some of us are seasoned open water swimmers, some of us couldn't even get their face in the water six months ago. We're all getting together to raise money for our fabulous hospice, where we are all so proud and happy to work. Children's Hospice South West is where we provide respite care, symptom management and end of life care to children with life limiting or life threatening conditions, making the most of short and precious lives.

Check out their website or Facebook page @CHSW1991 or Instagram @childrenshospicesw or Twitter @CHSW for more about the families we work with.

(Names and social media accounts to follow will be added here as I get them:)

Emma H swam the 2km at Wimbleball last year and is back this year for the 4km. She is being joined this year by her mum. Good luck Emma's Mum, we'll be cheering you on too!

Ian W swam to the Isle of Wight. Twice! Once as a personal challenge, second time just for a pint. Although how you buy a pint when your friends are still on the ferry with your clothes...only Ian knows.

Marie L is a regular open water swimmer, going for dips in the river or sea, as well other adventurous things like camping and kayaking.

Mary G has been entertaining us with her open water swims and making us jealous with her lovely photos of Scottish lochs. She says: "I never pass up the chance of a quick dip in a lake or the sea, so I liked the sound of the Wimbleball swim but definitely was going to be a challenge for me as a confirmed breaststroke swimmer who'd not swum more than 1k in a pool. Over the year I've forced my face into the cold water to do some crawl, starting in Clevedon Marina in about April and gradually upping the distance over the summer." She has swum across Swanage Bay and along Loch Morlich and is hoping Wimbleball is warmer than Scotland!

Kate O was a competitive national swimmer until age 17 (even at Olympic trials at age 14!), once made a cuppa for British Olympic medalist Sharron Davies, nowadays swims occasionally in between keeping some tiddlers out of mischief.

Rowena D is on Instagram @fairly_odd_mother and Twitter @FairlyOdd_Muvva where she is sharing her training journey from fear of being underwater to 4km finisher.

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