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Jane Velsen is raising £5,000 for Love Support Unite
Love Support Unite support those living in poverty in Malawi. They do it through education and training in permaculture so that families can manage sustainable farms and produce food their family enabling them to eat regularly. This means they have energy to go to school and adult learning. Extra crops means they can sell them and pay back the micro loan LSU gave them and provide others with food. It's a cycle that will help them out of poverty. It's one of the main reasons I joined this charity as their General Manager. Giving handouts doesn't work, reaching out with a hand up in life does! Find out more at www.lovesupportunite.org and become part of the change in the world. I did, and now you're reading my story!


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We empower people to become self-sufficient, with a leg-up rather than a hand-out. We lift communities out of the cycle of poverty into a...