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Hi, Thank you so much for visiting my page! I'm really passionate about the cause and the Action4CAR campaign this year, as the situation in the Central African Republic is hardly covered or spoken about in the media. Also, the campaign this year aims to provide real, long-term aid provided by the Central Africans themselves, putting them and only them, central to this campaign. Below you'll find out what I'll be giving up and details on the situation in CAR and the campaign. So what will I be giving up from the 23rd-29th March this year? 1) My laptop 2) Meat 3) Buses 4) Coffee The Problem: Following a violent coup d'etat in March 2013, tensions in the Central African Republic (CAR) have run high. Though the roots of the conflict are not religious, recent violence has increased divisions between Muslim and Christian communities and militia attacks have forced thousands of civilians to flee their communities and the country. A large majority of these displaced people are Muslim and 80% are women and children. UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Mr Adama Dieng, has warned that the "widespread and systematic targeting of civilians based on their religion or ethnicity indicates that crimes against humanity are being committed and that the risk of genocide remains high." Elections are scheduled to take place in CAR this summer. If significant movements towards political inclusion and inter-communal reconciliation have not been made by the time these elections arrive, there is a high possibility of genocide and mass atrocities that, once started, will be difficult to stop. The Solution: Aegis believes that young people all over the world can be a powerful source for social change, Young people in the CAR have the potential to build the foundations for sustainable peace in their country and Action for CAR is working to help them achieve this. Over the past few years, Aegis Trust has run peace education programmes in Rwanda that train Rwandan youth to confront the beliefs and prejudices that can lead to genocide. Our aim is to bring these trained Rwandan youth leaders to the CAR, to share this training and experience with you Central Africans. With the support of their Rwandan counterparts and the Action for CAR campaign, these young Central Africans will then develop and implement peace and business projects in their home communities that confront identity based tensions whilst boosting local economies. How will your money help? By donating to Action for CAR, you will support the work of Aegis' International Youth Department contribute to the costs of our peacebuilding and diversity trainings in CAR, and help to provide the seed money needed to kick start the peace and business projects developed by young Central Africans. Your money will go to both the project and the running of the student campaign! To find out more about the Action4CAR campaign please visit: www.action4car.org www.facebook.com/action4car www.twitter.com/action4car Thanks again for taking out the time and money to donate! Ibtehal


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