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Kerry Campbell is raising £2,000 for Worldwide Cancer Research
On 26th April, I will be running the London Marathon in memory of my dear friend and colleague Margaret ten Cate who recently lost her life to cancer. I'm raising money for Worldwide Cancer Research because it's an amazing charity without geographical boundaries - it funds the best science, no matter where it takes place. Right now they are funding projects in 21 countries including 18 research institutions in the UK and 7 in The Netherlands. Your donation will help contribute to cutting edge research into the causes of cancer. It is amazing how much can be achieved with even a small amount of money. For example: 15 - allows a scientist to measure the activity of a cancer gene 25 - allows a scientist to grow cancer cells in the laboratory for a week 50 - allows a scientist to measure how fast cancer cells spread. Funding is vital for more targeted treatments and earlier detection methods, so please help me support their mission and long term vision of No life cut short by cancer. Thank you.


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Worldwide Cancer Research exists to help save lives that are currently being lost to cancer. In future, those lives will be saved by impr...