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Chloe Frayne is raising £100 for FODIS (Friends of Downs Infant School)
We have a wonderful school with staff who work tirelessly for our children. Downs Infants is ranked Ofsted outstanding and is an incredibly caring and inclusive environment. However there is an area in which the school is desperate to improve computers and ICT (information and communications technology). However, that will require substantial funding which they do not have. The government have made changes to the national curriculum, adding topics such as computing and programming, without providing the necessary funding to provide the equipment and infrastructure. Budgets have been slashed over the last few years and ICT at the school is straining. The school, with a little help from FODIS, have juggled funds to install Wi-Fi this term and buy a dozen networked iPads for the school. If you have a Year Two child Ill bet they have come home excited since Christmas, as they have been able to use these resources in the classroom in pair groups. However, that has totally exhausted the available funds and the school is left struggling, still needing to buy iPads and educational software (in addition to 12 already purchased) 8 computers to upgrade the ICT suite 4 Interactive whiteboards for reception classrooms and to upgrade the existing machinery and infrastructure To allow our children access to these necessary (and the government says mandatory) educational tools and to build upon the equipment we already have, the school needs to raise at least 36,000. Where do we get this money? The school is outstanding and in a pretty nice town there are no grants to access or hardship funds we can approach. We need to raise the money ourselves together. On our website www.fodis.org.uk we will be posting the details of what we need, how the school will use the hardware and software, and what a difference it can make to our kids but the bottom-line is that we need to raise these funds and/or find businesses who can donate and help.


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FODIS supports, helps and improves Downs Infant School in Brighton