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In June 2019 I will try to complete my first ever swimrun (20.6 km run - 3.3 km swim) in the Lake District, UK. It would be a great psychological boost for me if you could support World Child Cancer, a charity that strives to support children with cancer and their families in Africa, Asia and Central America. This is the third time I am fundraising for World Child Cancer and every single time their support has been truly outstanding, but this time round all donations made by the end of June will be doubled by the UK government, which makes this even more important! Considering that £5 could buy a week's worth of pain relief medication and £50 could pay for one round of chemotherapy for a child in Africa, every donation does count. The amount I aim to raise can fund the ongoing treatment of fourteen children with cancer in Cameroon for one year! From : 'Childhood cancer, if detected early enough, can be cured. In developed countries, like the UK, as many as 80% of children survive compared to as few as 10% in developing countries such as Bangladesh. Over 6,000 children are expected to develop cancer in Bangladesh this year yet just a fraction of these will ever receive an accurate diagnosis. Even when a child does receive an accurate diagnosis, for many families access to treatment is out of reach due to the cost of care and enormous distances to hospital. Despite a lack of trained professionals, nurses are often undervalued and their skills wasted therefore preventing children from receiving the best standard of care possible. World Child Cancer is changing this. We believe every child with cancer, no matter where they are born, deserves equal access to the best possible treatment and care. By training more doctors and nurses, providing essential support to families and empowering nurses we will improve standards of care and, together with your support, will give children with cancer the Gift of Growing Up. As a UK Aid Match appeal, all donations made before 30th June will be doubled by the UK government meaning your support will go twice as far.' When you make your donation through Givey, the Charity receives 100% of the donation.

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In developing countries only 1 in 10 children survive cancer compared to 8 in 10 in developed countries. World Child Cancer works to im...