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Freddie Fifield is raising £1,650 for International Needs UK
Hello, friends, family, and fellow runners, I am excited to announce that I have committed to run in the London Marathon 2024, and I'm equally thrilled to share with you why I've chosen to run for an incredible charity International Needs UK. International Needs are on a mission to create meaningful change in some of the world's poorest, most rural areas of the world. Working tirelessly to transform the lives of vulnerable and marginalized individuals and communities. They focus on essential areas like education, healthcare, clean water, and church support systems. Their reach extends far and wide, making a difference in countless lives across multiple countries. Running the London Marathon is a personal challenge that pushes me to my physical and mental limits. But this this is not the only reason I’ve decided to run, it's about using this incredible opportunity to raise funds and awareness for a cause that I wholeheartedly believe in.


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We are a worldwide development agency working to help families suffering through poverty and crises to create a sustainable future. Throu...