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London has become a real hub for Afghan refugees as a place to be kept in bridging hotels until they are given more permanent accommodation around the country. In planning with the council and charity partners in the borough, we know that one major issue which needs tackling before anything else is the fact that when women and children are not understood, their outcomes are very poor. These vulnerable humans deserve to be understood and supported in a person-centred and trauma-informed way – which is what Hopscotch excels at. In addition, we specialise in language and cultural accessibility, as it is essential to provide refugees with the appropriate support. We know that most of the refugees speak very little to no English, and have quite stringent cultural requirements – which we are ready to meet. We already have one staff member who is of Afghan descent, and with your help, we hope to recruit more, in order to allow the women and children we will need to help to express themselves fully.


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For essential goods and services for 2000 Afghan refugees struggling in Camden and needing lots of support


+ £2,500.00 from 50 offline donors