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Shaun Doyle is raising £200 for Made With Hope
I will be partaking in this years Tough Mudder event, an excruciating and lengthy endurance event that will see me run through obstacles over a 12 mile long course! This is all in aid of a great charity set up by my friend, and all proceeds will be going directly to Made With Hope. Made With Hope are dedicated to providing resources for people in poverty in developing countries. Their current project is building an orphanage in Tanzania to give 24 orphans an amazing start in life. Their focus is to be so transparent and trustworthy by guaranteeing that 100% of donations go to their projects! Any and all donations, no matter how small or big are greatly appreciated. I would appreciate any support you can give and aim to raise as much money as possible for such a noble cause! See more of Made With Hope's work at:


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We want to help the 2.8 billion people still living in poverty. We are currently fundraising to build an orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. W...