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Tristan and Oliver Bogaard is raising £117 for Teenage Cancer Trust
On June 28th, 2014, my brother Oliver and I flew over to New York. From there started cycling 3000 miles to Los Angeles. By having done this, we hope to raise $20.000 (or more!) for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Since we raise with Givey, this is about 11.750 We do this because these days all of us know someone that has to go though the terrible struggle of having cancer, or knows someone that has it. It is a truly horrible disease, therefor we would like to help in raising money to fight it. We believe in the fact that the Teenage Cancer Trust actively fights for a solution, while giving people of our own age with cancer a chance to just be themselves without having to think about their struggle. Because of that, we've decided to cycle across-continent. Yet when we started, on July third Oliver was unfortunate enough to pull a muscle during dehydration, which ultimately forced him to fly home. He may be on the other side of the world now, he's still one hundred procent involved. I have completed the ride on my own, you can check out the entire ride on my YouTube channel soon. All together, we hope to raise $20.000 (11.750) for the Teenage Cancer Trust.


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Each day in the UK, six teenagers are diagnosed with cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust is devoted to improving the lives of young people with ...