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This year we have a big target to reach.

The system for funding ICT equipment in all schools has changed this year. There is no longer funding for replacing decommissioned equipment, thus our school is now required to find this money in its already tight budget. Already this spring term the school has had 65 outdated, unsupported ipads taken away which it will now have to pay to replace. There will soon be several laptops taken away too. At around £440 each, we can afford to buy the school 10 new iPads with the funds raised already this year. As fantastic as this is, our aim to raise enough money for at least another 10.

This is a large amount to raise, on top of the annual running costs for the PTA which are now over £3,000 a year. This pays for a committed £200 per class per year for equipment, the Year 6 leavers books and the school text service, which has doubled this year to £1,600. We discussed the value for money of this service at the last PTA meeting and agreed it was an invaluable service which we cannot do without.


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