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Siobhan Green is raising £10,000 for Gift of a Wedding
Long story short,i am british ,my husband happens to be a "third world country citizen",after two years of planning and discussing the details of our life we finally met in his home lovely country of palestine which the same as (Israel/occupied palestine)we spent a lovely time together and my husband was nice enough to hold the full ceremonies of a cultural palestinian marriage which i enjoyed every moment of ,however our happiness was met by the frusteration of realizing that it is really expensive paying for IHS ,NHS ,private lawyer and the home office ,they demand a bank statements showing (18000£) in annual revenue around this pandemic ,who has that much money ,and so here we are trying to reach out for every loving human on this planet who's just as passionate as us ,any some of £ would help ,and who ever is reading this whether you donate or not,thank you so much.


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