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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Aimee KIte is raising £1,000 for Barnsley Youth Choir CIO
Last year BYC took part in the 2017 European Choir Games in Riga, Latvia. Against all odds it won 4 gold medals and 4 Category Wins against affluent choirs, many of them adult choirs, from across the world. The choir is now ranked 4th in the World in its category.....it's an incredible story. This summer we are keen to take up to 140 young people for the trip of their lives - they will perform in the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh on the international stage. This is the largest arts festival in the world and will include over 50,000 performances from groups from across the globe. Our members will perform in the amazing Greyfriars Kirk twice per day and also perform in a number of other venues in Edinburgh. We hope to perform on the BBC stage once again as we did in 2016. It will be a hugely empowering experience for our children and change their lives.This project is hugely ambitious. 140 children, some as young as 9 years old, will be accompanied by volunteers and a professional band. This is about inclusion and it's about changing lives. It's also about raising aspirations of those who face significant challenges. We are committed to try and provide the best possible experiences for our children. BYC need to raise £50,000 in total to make this project work. We've already made a fantastic start! The children themselves have raised over £18,000 in a number of amazing fundraising efforts including bag packing and a 14 hour, through the night, non-stop 'Singathon' - a night that certainly wasn't for the faint hearted! They are working so hard to raise money themselves and are not wanting pay outs - they just need some help along the way. So a group of parents are donning our cycle helmets to cross England following the route of Hadrian's Wall to help raise money for this trip. It is our plan to do the trip, returning in time for the special Edinburgh concert on Saturday July 28th. Please do consider sponsoring our ride and supporting BYC. When you make your donation through Givey, the Charity receives 100% of the donation. Your details are safe with Givey and donating is completely secure. Whatsmore, they never share your email address with any third parties except the Charity you donate to.


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