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Harri Rose is raising £150 for Love Support Unite
Hi everyone! So I've decided to sign up to this amazing firewalk. I'll be walking barefoot over 15ft of red hot coals! Find out more: https://www.facebook.com/events/145393469586699/ Why am I doing this? Well... 1. push my boundaries, why not! 2. more importantly! Raise some funds for this great charity, Love Support Unite. They're a grassroots charity who aim to permanently lift communities out of poverty in Malawi. Love Support Unite have provided much-needed healthcare, education and skills workshops to hundreds of Malawian people and help our volunteers gain an understanding of some of the biggest issues facing the developing world today. They're great. And you may have seen their LoveSpecs at festivals! I'm a late arrival to this party so there's not much time to donate, but I'm pretty terrified about it - so please give generously! Thanks!


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