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Choosing the right charity for your business, In a nutshell - You have to ask Why, What, How, Where and When before deciding Which charity is the right choice for your business. Ask yourself Why do you want a charity partnership and What is your main objective? You might be looking to enhance your brand, market a new product or service, engage a new audience, build staff or customer loyalty. Be honest. Altruism may be a genuine factor but a successful partnership will need to contribute to both parties' business goals. Next, think about Where. If your objective is to build staff engagement in the head office, a local charity might be best. If it is brand awareness and reputation, the charity's geographical remit will need to match or exceed your own.   When will this relationship take place? This goes back to understanding the Why and What. If you are opening a new café, it might be a one-off promotional launch in aid of a well-loved local organisation that can help promote your event. If you want to give your staff something to feel good about during a period of upheaval, then a charity of the year or longer might be more appropriate. Now you can think about How you go about choosing. If staff engagement is key, then you must involve them in your charity choice. Define your parameters but then hand the choice over to the team. If you want to build customer loyalty, invite your regulars to nominate their favourites or, like Waitrose, give them a choice of three. If you want to promote an event, product or service, look for a charity that both fits your target audience's interests and has the capacity to support and promote your initiative. Good luck! Please Donate for our Website: Health Mini Expert.


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The Healthy Living Club is a small charity working hard and joyfully to improve the wellbeing of people who live with Alzheimer's or any ...


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