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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

There are 540 million people who are suffering from low back pain globally. World Spine Care is an organization that has a mission of providing evidence based spinal care to under-served communities around the world – including our MGM clinic in Navi Mumbai, India. We need your help – now more than ever before. We need the support and helping hands from the spine care community. For World Spine Care to support our clinic in Navi Mumbai, India, we need to raise £10,000.00 to continue to offer our programs and services to those who need it most. Your support will help to purchase equipment for the clinic, to support World Spine Care volunteers, and help to maintain the operational costs. In exchange for your generous support, World Spine Care will provide weekly email over the next 54 days that will provide educational information about the work you’re helping to support, along with tips and tools that you can share with your networks, including: • Updates from the clinic in India • A media package to promote community awareness of your support • A WSC donation certificate to showcase in your clinic and a virtual badge for use online • A webinar with leading spine researchers • And more! The World Spine Care Helping Hands campaign allows you to fuel your passion for spine care by keeping your fundraising dollars within your field. Thank you for your support. Start your own fundraiser on behalf of your clinic and encourage your colleagues and patients to reach out their helping hands to a cause they believe in. Set up your clinic page and be a leader in the Helping Hands Campaign today. Or you can donate 54 pounds – representing the 540 million people who are suffering from low back pain. Your donation will have a direct impact in helping patients that are suffering from spinal pain.


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World Spine Care is a global charity on a mission to improve lives in under-served communities. We aim to create a world in which everyon...