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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Andrew Stevens is raising £150 for The British Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Association
Help Mike to Help Nile 2010 Mike Harley is a Trustee and Founder Member of Nile 2010, having led the original expedition in 2010 with Paul (Skip) Stevens Much of the manual work in Uganda is done by hand including the bricks we make for the school. Large volumes of sand, soil and cement are mixed together with shovels to create the bricks. Mike has a challenge to complete. To keep the tracks and paths at his field (where Nile 2020 groups and scouts have often camped) sound, he will be taking delivery of 20 tonnes of road planings (chipped up tarmac recycled from road repairs). Usually Mike calls on many volunteers to help him dig, transport in barrows and spread the road planings, but because of Covid 19 Social Distancing, this will not be possible. Mike plans to carry out the task over the next week or so without external assistance. Can you encourage Mike to complete the task by sponsoring his efforts. All funds raised will support the 2022 Nile 2010 Expedition. Pictures of his progress will be posted each day. Thank you in advance.


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