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After years of spreading wood chips we're raising money to turn a muddy track into a hoggin path so residents can get the most out of CREOS!
CREOS is a conservation charity set up to protect, maintain and improve our area of open fields and woods known as Crouch End Open Space tucked between the busy streets of Crouch End and Muswell Hill. Essential maintenance of the site is carried out at monthly work days solely by volunteers. Most of our paths are built from wood chippings and log edging which can be done for free but after all the rain we've had our Boundary Oak Walk has turned to mud. It has become dangerous and impassible, causing walkers to start taking short cuts again through the undergrowth. Trampling destroys habitats and disturbs wildlife, and this is one of the main reason why we have footpaths. We would like to rebuild the path using hoggin surfacing which will keep it free from mud but still allow water to drain through. We did this with our Woodland Walk in 2014 and it was a great success.  This would benefit the whole community of visitors to our site - walkers, commuters, sportspeople, dog walkers, etc We need to raise £1,200 which would cover the cost of materials and the hire of a compactor plus the wages of one employee for a few hours if needed. We hope to begin the work in March! Thank you! *** UPDATE 24/02/20 *** Thank you for everyone who has donated money so far! This allowed us to begin purchasing materials for the first phase of the work which we started at our February work day. We began putting down landscape sheeting, timber edging and MOT but it was so muddy this was even more challenging than we expected! We have started digging drainage channels to allow the water to drain away so we can continue the work. This has made it even clearer that we desperately need a proper path rather than the mud bath we have now! We would really appreciate any donations so we can complete the work in March! Thanks again! *** UPDATE 22/03/20 *** Due to the current circumstances we have been forced to cancel all group activity so we have decided to extend this fundraiser since we're not sure when we'll be able to complete the work. So far we have been focusing on drainage, digging ditches and putting in underground pipes. The path has been widened and drained and a base layer of bricks has been put in which is being gradually covered in aggregate, to make a foundation for the hoggin, which we will be able to purchase as soon as we have enough money. Almost all of this work has been done by volunteers, so unfortunately progress is now going to be slowed down by the cancellation of all group activities. However, if we raise enough funds we will be able to employ people to continue the work more quickly. Thanks again to everyone who has donated money or come along to a work day. We hope you're all staying safe during this strange time.


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We are Crouch End Open Space (CREOS), a conservation charity set up to protect, maintain and improve our area of open fields and woods tu...


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