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Ian Day is raising £1,000 for Kanlungan Filipino Consortium
I will be running the London Marathon in April. Please help me raise money for this small but very important charity. For more information please visit http://www.kanlungan.org.uk/ So a little bit about me.... My name is Ian Day. I was born and grew up in South East London, now living in Gravesend, Kent. I previously ran the London Marathon in 2012, finishing in a disappointing 5 hrs 39 mins. This was due to suffering an injury 6 weeks before the race. Hopefully this time it will be a little quicker. My first visit to the Philippines was in 2002 when I stayed in Manaoag, a small town in Pangasinan. This was the time that I fell in love with the Filipino culture and people. I have returned many times since, the last being with Cris (my partner) last year to meet her family in Iloilo. I have many great memories of my visits to the Philippines, but my most memorable one has to be the time that I was christened in Our Lady of Manaoag church. For me, I feel that I have had a privileged life so far. I’m not rich, I’ve got many bills to pay and I’ve had some tough times, but I have my health and most importantly, my family and friends around me for when I need them. For the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) this is not the case. They travel thousands of miles to a strange country, many leaving their loved ones behind, just to try and earn enough money to make their and their families lives that little bit better. These workers have my utmost respect and admiration. This is the reason why I am supporting Kanlungan and its associated charities. So that the OFWs have an extra ‘friend’ when things go wrong. So that they can be brought together as one family. And so that one day, hopefully, they will be able to earn a living wage in the Philippines and not have to leave their loved ones. An associated charity that your donations will also help is http://www.stop35k.org/ Please visit the website for more information.


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