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Summary. Covid 19, a pandemic declared by WHO is threatening whole world by spreading in almost every corner across globe. Thousand people being infected & already died due to coronavirus. Considering the deadly outreach where the antidote is still unknown, we can only imagine the horror if it massively spread in densely populated country like ours. Your donation on the project will help us raise awareness,From the side of the poor and helpless people, we have been distributing free medicine and medicine and we have been helping the children in general. We have no money in the Burmese fund.... Challenge. Covid 19, the deadliest virus spreading across the globe has become the most life threatening factor these days. People are dyeing everywhere where the antidote is still unknown. We can only imagine the horror if the virus massively outbreak in densely populated country like Bangladesh, as we have limitations and will be facing a lot of constraint to tackle the situation. Solution. Your donation to this fund will help stop the virus's spread and give communities on the front lines of the crisis the resources they need to act quickly and protect the most vulnerable. Donations are already helping to: 1. Distribute food or goods among poor families. 2. Next to the poor and helpless people we distribute the treatment and medicine. 3. To provide financial and assistance to the helpless and affected families. 4. Shelter food items for children and prevent child trafficking and child marriage. 5. We are for children Long-Term Impact. There are 3 major areas we need to take care of: Education, Health & Entertainment. With your help, we would work on the education and health aspect to minimize the damage at most as possible. By continuing Digital Education Initiative, we would ensure uninterrupted delivery of education. Also, we are raising awareness by training volunteers, distributing masks, PPE and other necessary logistics in hospitals and to general people for containing the spread of virus countrywide. Organization Information President Md.Firoz Hossain Phone No +8801792-800081 Ideal Service Foundation.


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