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Kate Rintoul is raising £100 for Action for Brazil's Children Trust
In the three years I have been with my boyfriend I have probably watched more football than some people see in a lifetime. Luckily for us, I like football. That being said I do have my limits, especially when we sometimes have to plan our social lives around big games. But rather than begrudging the occasional football focussed Saturday, I decided to embrace them. I found ways of making nights in front of the box more interesting - with food and drink themed to the game. So with the biggest World Cup in years just weeks away I have upped my game and am challenging myself to cook different national cuisines for every day of the competition and raise some money for Action Brazil's Children Trust who support grassroots community projects. It would be great if you could donate something to the charity by sponsoring me - you never know there might even be a dinner in it for you!


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The ABC Trust is dedicated to helping the most vulnerable children and young people of Brazil.