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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Ilian Valchev is raising £7,500 for The Animal House Rescue
Hello! My name is Ilian and I am the founder of the Animal Protection Association "Help and Save "I have operations all over my body and I am 82% disabled due to an accident. Despite the difficulties I have to overcome on a daily basis, I have dedicated my life to this cause and I ask for your support! Animals on the street are not a problem, just as homeless people are not a problem. The problem is in our perception of them. They are defenseless and it is our duty to help and protect them. I managed to rent a building on the outskirts of the city to shelter and care for stray animals. The building, as you can see in the photos, is in poor condition. It needs major repairs to become the dream animal shelter. There is no water and I am forced to carry tubes every day - imagine what this means to me - a huge effort, and can lead to serious health consequences. There is a beautiful yard that I cannot use to the full because there is no stable fence and I risk losing one of the dogs. We currently house 40 dogs and 12 cats in this building, some of whom are disabled and others will be on medication for life. My heart cries when I am forced to keep them chained, but I cannot guarantee their security with my own finances! The need for funds is huge and it is unnecessary to comment on the necessary amounts for treatment, castrations, vaccines, deworming and food for the homeless ... I rely entirely on donations and voluntary work, because my financial resources are extremely limited and infinitely insufficient! I sincerely ask for your help so that I can create better living conditions for all the wonderful creatures I have sheltered and together we can create a corner of hope and a symbol of humanity. I will be grateful to anyone who has the opportunity and desire to support me in this difficult and impossible mission for me. Sort code: 04-00-04 Account Numbber: 98682845 Ilian Valchev who whatever he has in his heart no one is obliged to donate but I know there are good people thanks in advance IBAN:GB68MONZ04000498682845 BIC:MONZ Name:Ilian Valchev


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