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Rebecca Elston is raising £500 for Young Citizens of Rwanda
The team at YCR and the Aunty Project are dedicated to supporting those in need of help. To make their job slightly easier, I will be doing a sponsored sky dive on Sunday 31st August to raise money to be split across these charities (who work together for the good of those affected in Rwanda). Anyone who knows me will know that I am terrified of heights, but if people can still smile through living daily in fear, then I think I can do one thing that scares me if I can raise some money to make a difference. Jemorse, the founder of YCR moved to Rwanda from Nottingham to help an Orphange in Gitarama. While she was there, she saw a need for assiting young adults, orphaned by the Genocide, who have no life skills, education or support, who often end up as street children. She herself rented a house and took in 5 boys, raising funds to pay rent, schools fees, food and clothing and became their mum, the other volunteers their aunties. The Aunty Fund was started by these other volunteers, to provide a boost to support these young citizens in going it alone as adults, the first person sponsored by this group was Rozalie. A toddler during the Genocide, she lost her parents and her way and is often exploited due to her lack of education. The Aunties have found her a place of her own to live and raise her child in and are providing support in building her education to a point where she is able to support herself, their help will then move on. The Aunties would love to help as many people as they can, as would Jemrose. If you could spare a small amount to give them the resources to do this, you've helped these people too.


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YCR charity offers practical, realistic support to orphaned and vulnerable youth in Rwanda by providing: i. a family home or alternativ...