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Jennie Spiller is raising £1,500 for Breast Cancer Care
On April 12th 2015 I will be running the Brighton Marathon. I have never been a runner and despite my lankiness it just doesn't seem to come natural to me. I never thought I would ever be capable of running a half-marathon, let alone a full one....I'm still not sure wether or not I'll make it to the finish, but I've been training for almost a year now to get me from a non-runner to aspiring marathoner. I'll be running, and running, and running to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, a charity close to my heart. For those of you that don't know, my mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in November last year. It was a huge shock to our family. Mum began chemotherapy soon after diagnosis and has been such a trooper, just getting on with it and not complaining about all the yuckiness that comes with it. Sadly, last week another tradgedy hit our family when my beloved Grandad passed away after a short illness. My Granddad was without a doubt the most kind, caring, intelligent and generous man I've ever met, a true Gent, and like my mum is doing, he showed so much strength during those last few days. My parents lived with Granddad and he's been incredibly supportive to my mum since her diagnosis. I know she's really going to miss his company and support during those inevitable down days. Since his passing my mum has begun to use the support systems that Breast Cancer Care offer. They ensure she always has someone to talk to who really understands what she's going through. They've been excellent at advising, caring and providing support where Granddad no longer can. So please, help me raise money for this fantastic charity and give me some much needed inspiration to get me through the gruelling training that I'll be enduring over the next couple of months. Here's hoping I've inherited some of that strength my mum and Granddad have shown over the last few months, and that it helps pull me through that wall those marathoners talks about. EEEK!


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