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Dear family & friends, Hello there. Many of you will know that I am a dedicated and well regarded actor with a passion for supporting local theatre. I have chosen to give 24 hours (yes, non-stop!) to Chameleon's Web Theatre Company to be part of the team who will take part in the 24 hour sponsored play reading challenge. I will be locked in the Headgate Theatre in Colchester for 24 hours, where we will be performing/reading a wide variety of plays (up to 15!), one after the other. The challenge starts at 2pm on Saturday 17th January 2015 and will end on 2pm Sunday 18th January. I will be allowed just TWO short breaks in this time; so you will certainly see more of me acting than sleeping! This, as you can imagine, is quite a task, and I love a challenge: the range of plays will be all sorts, from family to adult drama, with at least one Shakespeare play and at least one other 'classic' into the mixture. It is also a great chance to see some plays that don't get performed very often. As well as your support, you are welcome to come and see the plays, for as long as you can stay in the Headgate Theatre - WE are locked in, but YOU won't be!! For further information, you can email me at jpsgranville@yahoo.co.uk under the heading '24 Hour Sponsored Play Reading'. The funds for this event will go towards Chameleon's Web, an excellent company of actors who emulate a high standard for performance, and who produce an entertaining summer outdoor show for the family every year. I know that many of you have been to see shows from Chameleon's Web, so please help me to help them continue their great work!! Thank you for your support. Joe Sales


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