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I set off on Tuesday to attempt the biggest sporting challenge of my life; namely a solo swim across the North Channel from Ireland to Scotland. For those unfamiliar with the body of water, it’s a little longer than the English Channel, the water is colder (I will be glad if it averages 13c for the swim), the currents can be strong and the Lions Mane jellyfish stings are brutal. The swim is considered to be the hardest of the 7 main channel swims. The only thing I can control is that I will get in and swim until I can no more. Hopefully I will touch land before that occurs but the sea is the sea. I am being looked after by the best team, infinity Channel Swimming and Penny will be with me. I am swimming to raise money for https://www.opencountry.org.uk/ a charity that enables disabled people to access the countryside, and I am proud to be a trustee of. If you are able to drop a few pounds/shillings/guineas/pence by clicking on the link, your donation will help continue to put smiles on the faces of people less fortunate. And to date no Para/adaptive/dis swimmer has been across solo and I was proud to be part of the first para relay to swim it, so I have a good idea of what I will be facing. I will get the tracker published when it goes live. Thank you all and see you when I am back


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Open Country gives people with a disability the chance to get out and enjoy the countryside by providing a variety of activities includin...