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Marium is raising £3,000 for Ummah Welfare Trust
May peace and blessings be upon you all. THE CURRENT SITUATION IN GAZA The horrific siege of Gaza continues against helpless civilians; so many are hungry, homeless and living in fear. Hundreds have been killed and thousands severely injured; most of whom are women and children. Houses, public spaces, hospitals and most recently schools are being targeted without remorse. Basic aid is extremely limited, and sadly the conditions are worsening. Even with the current relief work being carried out, civilians are still in need due to the scale of the attacks. There is no place for the innocent children, women or elderly to take shelter. It is impossible for us to truly comprehend the despair and devastation the people of Gaza are facing. As a mother I value and understand the life of precious children. I also know how much I cherish their moments of joy, achievement and then endure heartache in moments of tears and pain. I cannot imagine why and how these beautiful children are any different. Why should they suffer? Children and babies are being brutalised. What have they done to deserve the barbaric treatment? They certainly should not be left alone to suffer. I do believe with the help of our families, friends, communities we can make a difference. WE CAN HELP I, along with my family and friends, have made a pledge to Ummah Welfare Trust to raise as much as possible to help with food, water, medicine supplies and the overall medical situation in Gaza. Ummah Welfare Trust is a non profit, highly reputable organisation and operate on a 100% donations policy. Every penny is strictly used towards the designated cause. UWT have proposed new ambulances, medical machinery and equipment to be allocated to hospitals in addition to emergency aid currently needed. The funds will be prioritised and spent according to the demands and urgent needs of the people in Gaza. Lets join together to be Gazas glimmer of HOPE. We are ALL ONE regardless of our background, colour, faith and ideologies. Life is life irrespective of differences and notions. Donate generously to help rebuild and offer life to these innocent children. Remember, they have the same hopes, dreams and expectations as any other child just as my son and your children do. They are entitled to the same rights as any other child. TAKING A FALL FOR GAZA A dear Brother has volunteered to Skydive to help reach the target. God willing, he is set to jump on 31st August to raise money for all the victims so please support our Brother Isa with generosity. May God bless him and reward him with good. I ask you to please spread the message, raise what you can. By God, I feel so defenceless, its the least I can do to try help and if everyone makes a little effort it can go a long way. -Br Isa. UPDATE Date of Skydive rescheduled for 12th October '14. Please donate as much as or little as you can. Even if its just 2, 5 or 10. Every penny counts. My 6 year old angel has donated 10 from his teeny tiny savings. Let that be an inspiration to all of us. How much will you give? Donate now please #GIVE #PRAY #HOPE #SAKEOFHUMANITY


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Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) is a UK registered international relief and development charity. Established in the year 2001, UWT operates in ...