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Remember 6th November
Having worked with developers and communities over the last 20 years has been great and I am very proud of some of the schemes we have worked on. But there is always something to learn and meeting Make Space for Girls was one of those moments. It has been eye opening to understand that we have missed so many opportunities to make the new spaces we are creating as accessible as possible and have missed out huge sections of the community. Coming back into running during lockdown I was looking for a cause to run for and having "met" the Make Space for Girls team it seemed like the perfect opportunity. It's taken a year to get back into running, and has included several injuries and a hospital visit, four pairs of trainers, the extreme good will of my wife (and children - but I don't mind so much about them) and a new PE teacher who has got me through the worst of it. Now I'm running a marathon on 6th November. I hope that you are able to help with this fantastic cause in any way you can, with a donation or by making sure you find out more about Make Space for Girls and what they do. Thanks!


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