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Kay's Endeavours


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Raising money to support cancer patients

Kay's Endeavours (Registered Charity Number 1173531) acts as a support fund for cancer patients. It will offer grants to adults who have a cancer diagnosis and are being treated at St Bartholomew's Hospital. ​ Many cancer patients are unable to work temporarily or permanently because of their illness and / or the side effects of the treatments and medication that they receive. ​ Members of their family may also have reduced earnings if they need to stop work or work less in order to care for the patient. They and their families may have many and complex needs in terms of trying to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing whilst dealing with the illness. The charity's aim is to provide funding for measures which will improve the quality of life of the patient and / or their family and to address any gaps in the support which is already available. This could include funding for equipment, medical aids, travel expenses or social / recreational activities. ​ Kay's Endeavours was set up in memory of our much loved friend Kay Everett who had cancer. Kay was a human rights lawyer who was passionate about protecting the rights of asylum seekers and refugees.


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