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Kigata High School in Uganda. A pretty normal school with around 500 pupils. In Uganda, secondary school education is not free. In a country where the average wage is only £1.50 per day it is a great sacrifice for families to send their youngsters to school. For 229 of the pupils there is an even greater problem than just finding money to pay for school. 229 of the pupils are girls. The sacrifices families make to pay for their kids to get a High School education are truly humbling. Tragically there is never any spare cash left to pay for sanitary ware which means the girls are missing up to 25% of their education. A huge problem. But a very straight forward problem. A very straight forward problem with a very simple solution. Which is where we come in. Which is where we can offer a leg up. Two packs of re-usable pads cost £2. These pads will last for a whole year. A year when they can attend school every day. A year when they will not suffer shame, humiliation and infections. £2 doesn't seem like much. Not to us. To their families it represents all most a day and a half of income. For us in the UK that would be the equivalent of £100. A lot right? In these tough times there would be any number of British families who would not be able to £100 to cover the costs of their daughter's sanitary pads. What we do at the Kupata Project really could not be more simple. We raise funds here in the UK and we use the money to provide sanitary pads to school girls in Uganda. Every £2 we raise means a girl doesn't need to miss a day of school for a year. We have no offices, no paid staff, Not a penny of the money we raise goes to paying for trips to Africa. Every last penny we raise goes to buying pads. We are not providing sticking plasters. We don't pretend to be saving the world. Instead we are investing in the future by giving the girls we help a level playing field to compete on. For young, developing countries like Uganda, education means absolutely everything. This is why sanitary pads can be the key to unlock a brighter future for the girls.

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