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Domenica Dryer is raising £100 for LEWA Wildlife Conservancy, UK
How did the Elephants Cross the Road? They Went Under It. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LOG IN TO GIVEY SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE (and WE CAN COLLECT GIFT AID) In northern Kenya most people rely on subsistence farming to survive. An elephant passing through their land could push a family past the brink of financial ruin and into starvation. To address this, Lewa, Mount Kenya Trust, Kisima and Marania farms, Ngare Ndare Forest Trust, Save The Elephants, Kenya Wildlife Service in partnership with the people of Ntirimiti are raising funds to build an underpass, enabling elephants to cross beneath a road. This will allow humans and wildlife to safely carry on with their journeys, minimizing the contact between them. This will be the second elephant underpass along the groundbreaking Mt. Kenya Elephant Corridor. Since it was first opened in 2011, the corridor has received widespread acclaim for keeping humans and elephants safe from harm. For photos, see: Human-elephant conflict not only hurts the individual people and animals involved in a given situation, it creates lasting scars that spread through communities of both species, leading to fearful behavior that begets more conflict. This underpass will allow these animals to continue along their historic migration route while garnering community support for wildlife protection, protecting all forms of life in this region.


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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy works as a catalyst and model for the conservation of wildlife and its habitat. It does this through the pr...