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Sarah Lewis is raising £250 for Action on Hearing Loss
Anyone who knows me will know I'm not a runner. In fact, in the past I have openly sniggered and made fun of those "fitness fanatics" I've seen running around London at all hours. Oh how the tables have turned.... A couple of months ago I literally couldn't run to the end of our street without getting out of breath, but I've given it a go - with the help of my lovely hubs-slash-Personal Trainer - and on Sept 14th I'll be doing the 'Run to the Beat' 10k in Wembley alongside Han Lewis. This is going to be a huge challenge for me, but I've had to deal with a big personal challenge with my health over the past year and because of this I'm going to be running for Action on Hearing Loss. If you'd like to donate to spur me along on the 14th, that would be amazing - thank you xxx


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