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Louise Crane is raising $1,000 for campaign against living miserably, c.a.l.m.
Suicide is the biggest killer of young men aged 15-35. My brother Paul was an alcoholic and he died by his own hand when he was 38. We need more resources to battle alcohol, depression and suicide in young men and everyone else this affects. But even existing resources struggle to keep running. After giving up alcohol during October last year, I am now giving up alcohol between 19th July and 26th August, and I'm donating all the money raised to the Campaign Against Living Miserably. For as Morrissey sang, "I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but Heaven knows I'm miserable now."


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Suicide is of the the biggest killer of young men aged 15-35 in the UK. We want to stop this. The Campaign offers professional free + con...