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Hi everyone, I'm Milo. I am going on a 3 week school trip to Malawi in June to work as a volunteer for Ripple Africa, a brilliant charity who are inspiring communities to achieve a sustainable future. My work will include volunteering at a family planning clinic, manual labour around the villages (school construction), teaching at a primary school and helping children with disabilities. As part of this trip, each student has to raise £1,250.

I am 16 years old and want to do all the good I can in this world, whilst also having enjoyable moments and experiencing different countries and cultures along the way. I strongly believe that this is a great opportunity to do so and your donations would really mean so much to me and also all the people benefiting from them.

To read more about Ripple Africa you can highlight and use this link. www.rippleafrica.org

Thank you so much for any donations and I look forward to updating you all after my trip.

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