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raised of £200 target from 20 people

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Justin & Nicky Brock is raising £200 for Bloodwise
Update 10/06/14 We did it!!! We swam, we cycled and we ran around the beautiful grounds of Blenheim Palace with 4500 other people on a very warm and sunny day. It was painful but enjoyable at the same time. You can view some photos to prove it in the attached. We both finished unscathed in the following times: Justin: 1hr, 26mins Nicky: 2hr, 1min Thank you so much for the support to our chosen charity Leukaemia & Lymphomia Research. ......................................................... After being talked into taking part in our first triathlon by our so called friends! we have been following couch to 5k to improve our running, re-wiring our front crawl to improve our swimming, swimming in the lake and river and ridden further and faster than we thought possible on our newly purchased bikes and are now ...... almost ready for the Blenheim Triathlon taking place on the 8th June. We have decided that it is a good opportunity to raise some money for an excellent cause (Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, so we would really appreciate any support that you can provide us. Nicky says she will go 1 second faster for every pound raised ...... didn't you Nicky??? Thanks very much Justin and Nicky


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We've changed our name but not what we do, we are still the only national research charity solely devoted to blood disorders in both adul...