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As get2gether's director, I am very passionate about our work and I am walking to raise money to keep this incredible organisation going! Over the past 11 years, get2gether has been an organisation where barriers are broken down and where adults with disabilities can demonstrate what they are capable of if they are only given the chance. We have not only witnessed the transformative impact our work has on the lives of our members, but also the incredible strength and resilience of our members. We have seen how newfound friendships have brought light to lives that once felt isolated and lonely, we have seen members forming relationships, getting engaged and even getting married! We have witnessed the blossoming of self-confidence of our members and the empowering realization that everyone is worthy of love, respect, and a sense of belonging.


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We arrange social activities for people with disabilities in Edinburgh and the Lothians, because we believe everyone has the right to lov...