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Mousit Sarkar is raising £10,000 for Bardsey scouts
There are many orphaned children who are not dying to eat​.I want to help the children​.That's a lot of money needed​.But I do not have money​.I want to arrange food for children​.I want to make an orphanage for them​.But to open an orphanage or run the orphanage monastery requires a lot of money​. I wish I would do an orphanage in the next six months​.This orphanage requires lots of money for the monastery​.So one request to everyone that I will help you in this regard​.The amount of money you can donate​. So to help the children, I have to spend up to $70 daily​.I'm a small businessman​.I am just as much as I can​.I talked to the government in this regard​.The government has said that after opening the orphanage, the government will definitely help in this regard​.So to open the orphanage, I need 40 thousand dollars​.If you help someone in this regard, then I will always be grateful​.In the next six months, I need 40 thousand dollars for the orphanage orphanage​.I hope everyone will help me in this regard​. thanks to everyone​ Address: Child helping centre, Tripura 7990001,INDIA Our Email: prantadollar@gmail.com Contract: +918787526445


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The hut is home to Bardsey Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownies, and Guides. Here our groups learn essential life skills that prepar...


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