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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Make the Music Happen at Charter!
Mr Calcott, Head of Music, has asked for our help to fund some equipment for the department and for school productions. Performances such as the summer and winter concerts, last term’s Black History Month showcase as well as various drama productions are an integral part of school life and a wonderful opportunity for our kids to create, to develop and to shine. But a lot of the much-needed kit is either simply not there, borrowed or literally held together with gaffer tape! So, let’s give our kids and teachers a boost with some new resources. We’re looking for £7,000 to get stage pianos, PA systems, music stands, mixer and associated paraphernalia. £40 will get us a robust music stand, £90 a superb vocal microphone and £500 a wonderful stage piano. Any and all contributions gratefully received – thank you. You can find out more about what Mr Calcott needs here: http://tinyurl.com/c7aydsk8


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