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Keith O' Brien is raising $500 for Endometriosis UK
*You've probably never heard of Endometriosis*. Then you might be surprised to hear it affects 1 in 10 women in the UK and Ireland. Endometriosis is a condition that affects the ovaries and womb, resulting in devastating pain, that is so incapacitating its officially a disability. It's been described to me as being stabbed constantly in the gut. The internal problems it creates often leads to infertility- which isn't just physically hard on a woman, or couple, but mentally painful too. And there is no cure. Hormone therapy sometimes helps, and women often require multiple surgery to relieve the pain and build-up of internal material. For all sufferers it's a case of enduring pain, daily, weekly, monthly- and for life. * If you want to know more, please check out: *Where I come in:* Many of my friends have Endometriosis. The problem is most women who have it don't realise it is more than just 'bad period pains', and dose with painkillers. I want to raise awareness of it, so women seek help and advice on how to handle it and prevent infertility. If I can raise a few quid to give to Endometriosis UK, they can upgrade their staff from part-time to full time, and continue their work. Looking for a seriously physical and mental challenge, I found the *'Spartan Races'*, and signed up for the 'Trifecta'. *A grueling triad of 5/13/21KM races with 15/21/26 obstacles*, where failure on any obstacle is punished with 30 blurpees. It is *hard*, and I am not fit. Yet their motto is to endure, and overcome. *Check out a video here:* * On August 30th I run the Spartan Sprint (5KM+, 15 obstacles), *and the next day* I run the Spartan Super (13KM+, 21 obstacles). *Please Donate any amount you can, be it 100 or 1.*


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Endometriosis is a chronic condition affecting 2 million UK women. It causes severe pain and has a serious impact on quality of life, yet...