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Charlotte Price is raising £5,000 for Punchdrunk
This is a one-off gift to Punchdrunk Enrichment a little thank you from those of us who loved The Drowned Man. Punchdrunk has given us so much over the last year, and it would be amazing if we could give something back. Enrichment is the area of PD's work that takes participatory theatre projects into schools and communities, and this year and next they are expanding their programme of activity in east London primary schools, focusing on the most deprived boroughs for the most impact. See this video for a flavour of what they do: (I'm afraid you'll have to copy and paste as it's not possible to embed this). 5,000 would allow them to heavily subsidise the cost of one whole school Enrichment project, so it would be amazing if we could make this much. Please donate whatever you can even 1 would be brilliant. Givey charges nothing for this, so if you are eligible for gift aid and give 10, PD will get 12.50. PS It's had to be done through a personal page so don't worry, none of the money is going to me, whatever it says! I'd also like to say that I've not been the only person to work on this so thank you to Sarah Heenan for her help, Sarah Davies at PD for helping get the page set up, and Christopher Hong for having had the idea in the first place.


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