It's Dementia Awareness Week until Thursday 28th May




raised of £30 target from 4 people

Mark Darlington is raising £30 for Soul Action
This weekend, Youth Cell will be participating in Slum Survivor in order to raise money and awareness for an amazing charity - Soul Action. We will be spending a few days the way a billion spend a lifetime, We will be outside in the vile, cold, windy weather we're experiencing at the moment, and will be living in a 'slum' that we will build ourselves, living off 2 very small meals a day of rice and dahl, and also participating in lots of challenges throughout the weekend. Please sponsor me and my Youth Cell to do this, We need to make a difference and help those less fortunate than ourselves!


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Soul Action is a partnership between Soul Survivor and Tearfund which seeks to help young people understand that God really loves the poo...