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Franck Banza is raising £2,000 for Children's Aid DRC
In the village of Ntetema, near Lumbumbashi in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, the local people are reliant of on a diet of cassava and maize. A communal mill enabled everyone to have access to maize flour, and ground cassava. However, for the past six months the mill has been broken. With the majority of the villagers working as subsistence farmers, they have no extra money available to make the costly repairs to the mill. The villagers have successfully made simple repairs to the mill in the past, but the mill needs to be replaced completely, with a purpose-built shed to house it. Currently, the villagers are making do eating the products of their farming whole. However, the most vulnerable in society benefit from the processing of the crops, enabling them to cook and eat more easily. In addition, by processing their crops, they are able to be stored for longer.  With your help, the villagers will be able to have access to new, safe facilities to process their crops.


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Charity which aims to assist the most vulnerable people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.