It's Dementia Awareness Week until Thursday 28th May




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Caroline Hibbs is raising £50 for Animal Free Research UK
UPDATE: Originally it was going to be 24 hours, however we have realised that the clocks go back at 2am the night we're doing it so we will in fact be going for 25 HOURS!! An extra challenge! :) Starting at 8am on 25th October I, along with some friends, will be embarking on a challenge to keep gaming for 25 hours straight. It's a fun way to support the charities that we want to help and also a good way to make you all aware of some of the things that matter to us! I've chosen DHT because I believe it's very important to try to update old models of testing if we want to improve the accuracy and efficiency of scientific research into curing all manner of diseases and conditions that affect so many lives. We've seen a lot of progress recently and that's thanks to charities like this. They do so much good already and can only continue with our help, so even if you can only afford 1, that's 1 closer to my goal :) Every penny is gratefully received and greatly appreciated!


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Animal Free Research UK is a pioneering medical research charity that funds and promotes the development of techniques to replace the use...