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<strong>While politics here is polarised, the people are not</strong>
“Ireland is a very lovely country. Indeed there is only one thing wrong with it, and that is that the people that are in it have not the common-sense to live in peace with one another and with their neighbours.”

--Robert Lloyd Praeger (1865-1953)

--A good observation and a proper challenge to us all as we look to the present and future

While politics here is polarised, the people are not. Every day in so many different ways we show real and constructive leadership in building genuine relationships and breaking down barriers as we strive to bring out the best of this beautiful place we share. Real positive steps are taken showing that a future where we share Northern Ireland, this Island and these Islands in better ways is achievable. Surely the sort of future we want to pass on to our children whatever our constitutional preference.

There are so many examples that we have proven that with good leadership there are solutions to all our problems.

Such a future is not guaranteed however; there are those who continue to promote hatred and division and try to continue the battles of old, despite the obvious tragic consequences for our society in doing so.

So what is being proposed is a renewed One Small Step Campaign. This will:

 Highlight the many small and large steps being taken by the ordinary people for the social and economic benefit our whole community

 Encourage us all to do more to help build relationships or break down barriers and to appreciate that we should never underestimate the importance of small positive actions as collectively they make a real impact

 To challenge those who continue to promote hatred and division and fail to take responsibility to govern well for the benefit of all.

We are proposing to bring the One Small Step campaign to young people across Northern Ireland, guided by an advisory group of young adults, to help develop and implement their ideas as to how we share a modern Northern Ireland, Ireland and these Islands in a better way. Young people will inspire each other to take One Small Step and their efforts and solutions will be promoted under the One Small Step campaign. We propose to employ a young co-ordinator to lead this campaign, with the support of YouthAction Northern Ireland.

The cost of this position is £36,000 and that is the target to be raised.

An older One Small Step Group will also be established to act as mentors and a general sounding board for the younger group.

This will have a real impact in shaping our present and future constructively so I am writing to ask for your support and for you to share this request with others who you feel will be supportive.

If there is any aspect you wish to discuss or need clarification on please contact me on 07739477930 or

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