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Juliette Farrell is raising £5,000 for St Martin In The Bull Ring
St Martin in the Bull Ring PAY IT FORWARD APPEAL Pay it Forward: Building St Martin’s The Church community of St Martin’s has over the years witnessed to the love of Christ in many different ways. There have been many people helped in practical and spiritual ways through the community of faith in this place. For some people this has been a one off visit; while for many others it has been a blessing over many years. We have been fortunate to have a church building that is open to all and can provide such help. Of course a building like St Martin’s doesn’t stay open without investment in its fabric. It is a working church community that needs upkeep, maintenance, repair and innovation. Thankfully there have been very few major building needs over the past 10 years. However we do need to spend money on many smaller items which when taken together do cost us around £12,000 each year. We have been fortunate to be able to draw on budgeted income and a specific reserve fund for these essential costs. But we have some extra costs arising in 2015-16 which will need us to consider supplementing this income. For example a recent electrical inspection (a legal requirement) will mean work costing at least £10,000 will need to be carried out. Hence the ‘Pay it Forward’ appeal. Pay it Forward This appeal is a very simple one. All of us who consider St Martin’s to be our church are being asked to give a one off gift to help invest in the building. By spending this money now we are helping to ensure this place will remain open for future generations and enable the mission of the church to continue. We pay it forward to help others discover the love of God in Jesus Christ. Please pray and give as generously as you can. Use Givey to make your pledge (We would like to tell the whole community what we have raised at our services on 26th July so please return your gift by Tuesday 21st July. This will give us time to count the total amount raised). If you are a UK tax payer please do gift aid your contribution. This means we can claim 25% tax back on your donation at no extra cost to you. (A £20 gift from a UK tax payer becomes £25! This can make a huge difference to what we can raise. ) Many of us can testify to God’s amazing blessings in our lives through the ministry of St Martin’s. Please give generously to this appeal to ensure many others are blessed. We are the stewards of this place at this time. It is our responsibility to build for future generations. Pay it forward and let us glorify God through our sacrificial giving. Thank you and may God continue to fill you with his grace. Stewart Jones Rector


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