raised of £30,000 target from 423 people

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to


Children and young people have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Now more than ever our playground is needed as a safe haven with access to nature, adventure, fun and learning that is free, supervised and open to all.

Our target is to raise £30,000. Every penny will go towards expanding and improving our work with local children and young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our incredible team of riders aged 6 - 80+ includes....Charmaine O'Neill, Gill Wayne, Jay, Bodhi, Simon & Liz Ings Williams, Peter, Anna, Sophie & Michael Hunt, Lucy Swanson, Winnie Johnson-Hill, Family Hardy, Hester Warner, Mike Marshall, Rev Erica Wooff, Clare Roskill, Amanda Cornish, Jo Craig, Daf & Harri Griffiths, Iona & Finn Elkington, Janis Marsh, Robert & Marcia Van-Loo, Felix Dancey, Zara & Izzy Barr, Henrietta Royle & Michael Llewellyn, Family Quin, Rocco and Huxley Lesser, Evie & Connie Bulloch, Aileen McCarthy, Robin Langton, Luke Barker, Cath Munro, Perrin Lesser, Alastair Prain, Family Harrison, Family Stirling, Katharina Bulloch, Jamie & Gabriella Summer, Jamie Blanc, Steve & Rachael Morris Jones, Libby Beak & family, Crispin & Idina Royle Davis, Rie & Felix Dancey, Family Pinney, Veronica Plowden, Sarah & Stuart Barr, Jamie, Max & Johnny Maples, Will Morgan, Carla and Rob Floyd, Family Haines, Family Falinski, Kitty & Violet Reid, Angus & Max Titchmarsh, Family Grist, Annabel & Ben Elkington, Gilly & Sam Johnson Hill, Natalie Attard & Elizabeth & Wasim Karker, Toby Zeidler, Ioana & Paul Barbantum, Bill Tilden, Lucy & Spencer De Grey, Toby, Rex and Scarlet Hobson, Matthew O'Keffe, Karen Walton, Andy La Fontaine, Rosemary & Hamish Ellis & David Kilham, Phew! They will be pedalling non stop for 24 hours outside (fully socially distanced & lockdown compliant) covering at least 768 miles in 24 hours!


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Over an acre of adventure with a play structure, edible garden, outdoor classrooms, as well as indoor facilities in a safe, staffed space...